A common mistake that most people are found making is that they allocate far too much time, in the way of angles and exercises, than is actually necessary. Spend a moment to analyze this: arms make up around 5% of the total mass of muscle in one’s body, while legs can make up to 50%. So it might be better to think before doing sixteen sets of exercises to train one’s arms and only six sets to train one’s legs, wouldn’t it?

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However, the reason most people spend more effort on bicep workouts is because it is almost everyone’s desire to have the sort of big, muscular arms that would give you the picture-perfect figure of a muscular bodybuilder. Well, here are a few tips to obtain those muscular arms you want:

Most people imagine that to train one’s arms, every possible angle must be used, but this is a ridiculous theory. In fact, the growth of one’s arms depends mainly on the burden and maximum muscle recruitment. Genetics also plays an important role.

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In order to increase the size of your arm muscles by one or two inches, it is necessary to have a minimum of 10 pounds as the total muscle of the body. This is also related to the earlier mentioned 5% rule. For example, if your back, shoulders, chest and legs are growing larger, there’s a good chance of your arms growing as well.

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